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Essentials to be included in the Brand Guide

As the brand strategy is important so is the brand guide. A brand guide or brand book is essentially a set of rules that explains how your brand works.

The brand is what the customer and the audience think of when they hear about the particular company’s name or logo. A brand is known to be the symbol of the company that speaks. Therefore, a brand guide captures the brand and makes it understandable and has two important halves- visual and content.

A visual style guide reflects that how the content should be designed, while a content style guide master how the copy and text within the design are developed.

Some basic information to brand guide is

  • - An overview of the brand history, vision and key values.
  • - Brand message and motto.
  • - Usage of Logo- It is the most important factor, as it describes where and how to use the logo. Logo shape, size, its structure is all covered under this.
  • - Colour palette- The brand guide also displays the primary and secondary colour palettes. Colour breakdowns for screen, print and web are also justified.
  • - Font style- A proper and deep description of the font family is mentioned. Why the specific font is considered is also explained.
  • - Image style- A brand guide is inclusive of the examples of image style and photographs that work with the brand.
  • - Business card and letterhead design- Under this how and where the logo and font to be used are described, that would be used for company’s interaction.

The digital world is vast. And the market upgrades frequently. To grow further, keep yourself up-to-date with the changes and innovations. By far, you would have learned that to get access digitally, the company must have proper digital strategy structure, because without any proper strategy or planning you would have minimal growth.

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Branding Service that we offers

Mall Activity

This is the most popular activity that is conducted by Eonian to promote a particular brand. Mall is now-a-days a very crowded place, this is the reason any brand can be promoted via mall activities to get success & leads to an increase in the brand loyalty, customer-relationships.

Corporate Activity

The aim of Eonian is to promote your brand in an effective & strategic manner among the customers & different competitive markets. In the corporate activity, the team of young people of Eonian collects the data work.

Road Shows

Eonian, a trusted Brand Guide company in delhi has depicted the best way to reach out to the general public, i.e., the rood shows. A lot of awareness can be generated among the common people through these road shows. It is the most effective method of promoting a brand.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing is the powerful sources for the Brand Guide. Eonian use a set of powerful tools & techniques for promoting the brand via internet. It includes a wide range of marketing elements having a number of different marketing channels.

Social Media Marketing

Eonian uses the social media marketing as well for promoting your brand as it is the form of internet marketing which includes the various marketing communications & branding goals. It includes all the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc for the sharing of content, videos & images for marketing purposes.

Free Sampling

Eonian conducts the free sampling as well for promoting your brand which allows you to demonstrate the quality of your product. It includes an expense but will definitely provide the fair returns. It has some of the benefits as well like : It spreads the word, shows your generosity, etc.

Exhibitions & Shows

Eonian organizes a number of different exhibitions & shows for introducing the product in the market by making new connections which leads to the improvement of the brand’s image. More & more people come to know about the brand.

Rural Area Marketing

Eonian believes in the rural area marketing as there is an inflow of products & services into the rural markets for the production & consumption. Our aim is to promote the brand among a large crowd of customers covering all the major sections & areas.


ATL is a an advertising method which includes the media sources such as TV, Cinema, radio, banners & search engines as well. Eonian conducts the ATL promotional activities at national & regional level as well. Through this promotional tool, we create a brand image of your company & its products.


Eonian conducts BTL promotional process at micro level as it includes the non-media communication. Our team focuses on the direct mailing, distribution of flyers, brochures, public relations etc. under this promotional tool. This promotional tool helps you in increasing the brand loyalty & sales as well.

Outdoor Activity

Eonian also conducts the outdoor activities as it covers a wider area & a large crowd. It is the visible way of promotion as people can promote a particular brand outside their places. The continuation of outdoor activities produces the highest results.

Sports Activity

Eonian uses the sports activities as well for promoting a brand such as sponsorship. It includes the association with another organization & paying them, events, marketing through television programs. Sports marketing allow you to reach a larger crowd of clients.